Beyond School

A community of creativity and learning

There is a saying, it takes a village to raise a child.

With this understanding, we want the students of the DEVI School to experience much more than just the classroom, and projects to be much more than just contrived exercises with no meaning outside the school.

Our desire is to help foster, alongside the school, some independent, sustainable businesses. DEVI School students will then have the chance to participate in real-world projects in collaboration with these businesses. Looking further, apprenticeship programmes in these businesses could bring in an older generation of learners. This is our vision for a growing community of creativity and learning.

While our full focus is currently on establishing the school itself, listed below are some ideas we have in mind for the future. Our hope is to find people that wish to come to the area to give their full attenion to such projects. These are not small undertakings that can be done in spare time! More information about the specific ideas will be added to the site as we move forward.