Monday, March 30th, 2020

Mill Village, Nova Scotia, Canada

The DEVI International Boarding School is a private, not-for-profit international Middle/High School (grades 6 to 12) with students from around the world. We currently board 53 students from 18 countries.

As a boarding school, we live together collectively - staff and students - as a large family. We have been self-isolating together since March 15th and practicing social distancing from those living outside our family since the provincial declaration of a State of Emergency on March 23rd.

We have been visited by Public Health via Nova Scotia Environment, and have had several follow-up communications with them regarding our school. We have been able to achieve compliance with the requirements set out by the Nova Scotia Medical Officer of Health during this outbreak. Amending and adapting our daily schedules - both in and out of school - has allowed us to remain operational.

There are no visitors or guests coming into our DEVI School community, neither are staff or students leaving Mill Village for outings or excursions - or even shopping - at the current time. Our needed food and other supplies are delivered directly to us. All DEVI School staff and students are well-versed in proper hand-washing protocols and enhanced hygienic handling of all parcels, deliveries, etc.

When students walk to and from school they practice social distancing, keeping apart from each other by at least 2 metres. And whether in school or at home in the boarding houses, students and staff are not in groups of more than five in one place together.

We hope that the above measures will keep those of us within the DEVI School community, as well as our dear Mill Village and Charleston friends and neighbours, healthy and safe. The safest place for our staff and students at this time is our beloved home here in Mill Village. We are indeed all grateful to be here together, and are anxious to do our part to bring this pandemic to a swift end.

DEVI International Boarding School Society