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Our Fundraising Goals

The main component of this fundraising drive is the cost of dormitory expansion. Mother's children have signaled they are waiting to enrol. So, we need to make more places available. She provided a big schoolhouse, and we just need to acquire or build student and staff housing.

Currently, $675K is the essential cost we bear for increasing enrolment capacity. However, we need to set our goal somewhat higher, aiming for a few additional items which will make a positive difference in the quality of schooling we can offer during a school year for which enrolment is greater than it's last.

Our current fundraising goal is comprised of the following:

  • Expansion Costs (expenses of phase 3 plus 175K gap from our previous fundraising drive) - 675K *
  • Vehicle Replacements or Additions - 50K
  • Equipment for Enhancing Physical Education - 5K
  • Kitchen Equipment and/or Replacements - 15K
  • Computer Equipment Additions and Replacements - 15K

Finally, as DEVI School is a not-for-profit institution, school fees are kept low. They do not always cover all of the typical expenditures of a North American secondary school. So, a small percentage of each donation is allocated for subsidizing running costs.†

Together these make our fundraising goal for this drive 785K.

If you feel strongly about any one of the above fundraising components, please let us know by tagging your contribu when you make it.

* Read more about the expansion plan.

† Read more about finances.

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