Expansion Plan

For 2019/20 and Beyond

As of Nov 2018, the DEVI School already has over 199 children a waiting list that continues to grow. Of these, over 100 are old enough to attend the 2019/20 school year, with the remainder wishing to hold spots for the future years. Countries showing particular interest include the USA, UK, France, Italy and China followed by Brazil and India.

Practically all of the students who attended during our first year have returned this second year, and, they were joined by an additional ten. With thirty five all beds are now filled. To make room for additional students, it will be necessary to invest in property and modification of existing structures.

We are very fortunate that the school building itself can accommodate more than one hundred students. Our goal is to create sufficient dormitory space to match our school capacity. Fortunately there are opportunities to purchase residential homes adjacent to the current boarding house and school.

We humbly present here one of several possibilities we have considered for a multi-phase expansion plan. Please note that these are rough estimates, and subject to change.

All figures in Canadian Dollars.

Phase 1

18 student places in one new property, bringing the total capacity to around 50

Property 1 ($260,000 + $40,000 conversion) $300,000 18 students / 5 staff
Hostel Garage conversion (mediation hall) $20,000
Kitchen upgrade $10,000
Unforeseen (add 15%) $50,000
Fundraising Target: $380,000

Phase 2

31 student places in two new properties, bringing the total capacity to around 80

Property 2 ($340,000 + $40,000 conversion) $380,000 22 students / 3 staff
Property 3 ($125,000 + $40,000 conversion) $165,000 9 / 2
Kitchen upgrade $20,000
Unforeseen (add 15%) $85,000
Fundraising Target: $650,000 31 / 5


A better option than all of these, but requiring greater funding, would be purpose built dormitories. The experience of collective life for the children could be improved in many ways. If fundraising exceeds expectations this would definitely become our preference. In addition to more funding, construction would require much more lead time than converting an existing property.