Expansion Plan

A Multi-phased Approach

Why Expand?

Three hundred students are waiting to enrol. Out of these, over one hundred are old enough to attend each coming school year. The student return rate is greater than 90% year after year. While the waiting list continues to grow, we each year need to remove students from the waiting list since some have grown too old to enrol. At the same time, we are hearing from some parents that they are reluctant to put their children's names on the waiting list as they feel doubtful that a space will become available while their child is young enough to enrol

The first boon to DEVI School was a municipal school building made available to us for one dollar. Its classrooms may accommodate well over one hundred students. However, the current capacity of our residential buildings limits enrolment at around fifty-five.

How to Expand?

We humbly present this multi-phased expansion plan (one of several possibilities we have considered to reach our goal). Please note that these are rough estimates and are subject to adjustment.

All figures in Canadian dollars.

Phases I and II

Raises total residential capacity (students and staff) to around 80.

Note: Expansion Phase I and Phase II were initially conceived as distinct phases happening in order during different time frames. However, due to divine planning, both phases began in swift succession. So are presented here together.

Property #1 $265,000 -- ACQUIRED --
Property #2 $330,000 -- ACQUIRED/FINANCED --
Fire code compliance $30,000 -- COMPLETED --
New Meditation Hall $15,000 -- COMPLETED --
Kitchen Upgrades $30,000 -- COMPLETED --
Science Lab $40,000 -- COMPLETED --
Furniture $10,000 -- COMPLETED --
Overage / Incidentals (Applies to remodeling) $15,000 -- COMPLETED --
Fundraising Target: $735,000 56 students / 21 staff

Phase III

Raises residential capacity (students and staff) to around 96

Property #3 $250,000 -- ACQUIRED/FINANCED --
Remodeling and Incidentals $250,000
Fundraising Target: $500,000 72 students/ 24 staff

Phase IV

Raises residential capacity (students and staff) to around 108

Property #3 $250,000
Remodeling and Incidentals $75,000
Fundraising Target: $325,000 81 students/ 27 staff

Phase V


Fundraising Target: 108 students/ TBD # staff


A better option than all of these, but prequiring greater funding, would be purpose built dormitories. The experience of collective life for the children could be improved in many ways. If fundraising exceeds expectations this would definitely become our preference. In addition to more funding, construction would require much more lead time than converting an existing property.