The School Team

School Staff

The DEVI School is currently receiving applications for staff positions, and no appointments have yet been made. As we make appointments we will publish them on this page.


As of now the effort to get the DEVI School open is happening on an entirely voluntarily basis. Here are some of the people volunteering their time so far.

General planning

Tom & Nicola Locke, Marcel & Mary Kuhn, Linda St John, Bill & Krasi Downey and Aaron & Erika Rosenthal. Several other volunteers also played a key role earlier in the life of the project: Ruben Huys, Anastasia Dolgikh, Grit Güttler, Mario Bonmanti and Bruno Moya.


Tom Locke (coding, design, writing, editing), Liz Downey (writing, editing), Mary Kuhn (writing, editing), Marcel Kuhn (legal and regulatory information), Nicola Locke (writing), Linda St John (writing), Bill Downey and Ananya Tanttu (photography).


Aaron Rosenthal, Mary Kuhn, Tom Locke, Grit Güttler, Sowjanya Chintalapati, Niraja Ward.

School Building

Marcel Kuhn (planning, building code, permits), Bill Downey, and many more to come once we start the work in earnest!

Many more people have volunteered to help and we are greatly looking forward to their contributions. We will be reaching out to everyone in the near future!