The Local Community

“[Children] must be made aware of the good part of the society that they are going to live in. They should be to be useful to the society.”

-Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

The rich experience of life that students need, in order to develop into caring, considerate and socially-minded adults, cannot be gained from the classroom alone. Ties to the local community will therefore be a vital part of life at the DEVI School. We will seek to establish links with local businesses, with the goal of giving our students a direct experience of the workplace. We can collaborate with local schools, for example to offer Queens County students an insight into the many global cultures represented in our student body. We will take great pleasure in presenting our students' music, drama and artwork in local venues, wherever possible.

At DEVI School, with a focus on Shri Mataji’s words that education should foster respect for elders, for each other and for society, children will be encouraged to take an active role in community service. We will be looking into different ways through which the children can learn about and positively interact with the local community. Befitting the surrounding natural environment, community service projects tied to caring for Mother Earth will be explored, such as involvement in caring for community forests and trails, and work with projects protecting endangered shorebirds and other local species at the nearby national park.