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GLOBAL VILLAGE - DEVI School Musical 2020

This play follows the journey of two travel agents by the names of Charlie and Henry who were set the challenge of visiting ten countries in a week by their boss. Filled with humour, this play visited the vibrant cultures of Brazil, China, India, Germany, Australia, France, Turkey, Canada, South Africa and even the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Acts included a stunning rendition of “Wimoweh” by the acapella group representing South Africa, a joyful polka dance by our German friends, a dynamic water dance and of course energy-filled bhangra and qawwalis to represent India and Turkey respectively. Weekly dance rehearsals quickly evolved into daily practice and left everyone slightly sore, but this only added to the excitement of the upcoming performance. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, DEVI Flicks to be notified when future DEVI School videos are uploaded.

Global Village TRAILER

Trailer for our 2019-2020 School musical, Global Village.

Meditation Video

Meditation video created by DEVI School students for local community and beyond. Thank you Katya, Leo and Anthony!

First Class Performance

The video below is of a performance by DEVI School's first students at the end of DEVI School's first school year. It was performed before local audiences.

Film About DEVI School

Short version of a video filmed during 2017-2018 providing a sense of what it's like to be here, as well as telling how the school was started and what are the near steps ahead.