When children leave home for long periods of time, the transition should be as smooth as possible. In a boarding school your dorm is your home. Our goal is to create a safe, loving and nurturing environment. Good relationships will be fostered among students and staff. Students will be encouraged to respect and support each other at all times, living together as a family where no one is excluded.

Each dorm will provide a calm and secure space for the students to come back to after a day at school. The students' happiness will always be our top priority. Any bullying will be dealt with quickly and firmly.

All students will have a dorm Auntie or Uncle. The bond between dorm staff and each student will be like that of a parent and child. It is the duty of the dorm staff to take the upmost care of the students' physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Dorm staff will have ongoing training throughout the year as it is vital that they are given continual support and guidance. In addition to the primary care given by the dorm staff, students will also enjoy close bonds with all adults who work in the family setting of the school.

Children come to school to be educated, but success in school is built on a foundation of hapiness and confidence that starts “at home”, in the dorms.