Educating the Heart

The practice and teaching of Sahaja Yoga

Sahaja Yoga meditation and clearing techniques are the foundation upon which all life in the school rests. More than this, we want to connect deeply with these wise children and help them discover the silent truths within themselves. Through daily meditation, open discussion and workshops, we want our students to develop a deep understanding of Sahaja Yoga. What does it mean to be a Sahaja Yogi? How does it relate to our everyday lives? Why is it so important for the world? How can we fully respect and develop the dignity of a Sahaj Yogi, without losing sight of empathy and compassion for all?

Guiding them gently with compassion, we want each child who comes to the DEVI School to develop the confidence to go out into the world and share the peace that meditation has given them. We will take the time to talk and help them understand this world that they live in, and to see how they can make a difference. We will encourage and inspire them. We will help them to know and understand themselves, and to feel the blessings they have. When life gets difficult we will be there to help them work through it.

It is important for us to make sure every student is understood and listened to. Each child will come to the DEVI School with their own story. It is our priority to get to know each child and support them as if they were our own.

Students will learn what it means to be blessed with the amazing tools of Sahaja Yoga, and why it is so important to use them to stay in balance. Of course we can all get things wrong and by doing so we grow and learn. Students will be encouraged and supported in discovering a deep spirituality within themselves. We want to give them every chance to deepen their self-knowledge and talk openly about their journey.

While our students need a safe haven in which to grow and develop, the DEVI School should not operate in a bubble of isolation. Collaboration and integration with the local community and the world around will be of great importance to the students. Working together with amazing projects like Inner Peace and Meditate to Regenerate can be an incredible source of inspiration, and a real-world experience of the beauty of Sahaja Yoga. It is our job to see our students leave the DEVI School feeling confident and prepared for what lies ahead. We want to give them a sense of security and the courage to go forward, wholeheartedly inspired about their life ahead.

As one big Sahaj Family, we will learn from each other and grow together. We hope in the future students will return to the DEVI School and help to inspire the next generation.