High School Curriculum

The DEVI School delivers the Nova Scotia School Curriculum, with the addition of courses in Sahaja Yoga and World Religions. DEVI School was established as a full Middle/High School in 2019. DEVI School is able to grant a Canadian High School Diploma to students who have enrolled by grade 10 and who are then able to complete all necessary requirements by grade 12.

Language, Communication, and Expression

3 credits in English

1 credit from: Dance, Drama, Music, Visual Arts

Science, Mathematics, and Technology

2 credits in Mathematics

1 credit from: Biology, Chemistry, Science 10, Physics

1 credit from any other approved science course

2 credits from: Audio Recording and Production, Business Technology, Communications Technology, Computer Programming, Construction Technology, Construction Trades, Design, Electrotechnologies, Energy, Power, Transportation, Film and Video Production, Food Technology, Exploring Technology, Housing and Design, Multimedia, Skilled Trades, Textile Production and Technology, Transportation Trades.

Personal Development and Society

1 credit from: Physical Education, Dance, Fitness Leadership, Physically Active Living, Yoga

1 credit in History

1 credit in global studies: Global Geography, Global History, Global Politics

Middle School Curriculum

Twin Pillars of Education

4 weekly classes in English

4 weekly classes in Mathematics

Core Subjects

3 weekly classes in Science

3 (minimum) weekly sports or exercise outings/opportunities

2 weekly classes in World History

2 weekly classes in World Geography and Culture

2 weekly classes in Music

2 weekly classes in Art

2 weekly classes in a second language (French, German, Others (varies from year to year))

Spirituality and Health Subjects

1 weekly class in Sahaja Yoga (in addition to daily meditation practice)

1 weekly class in World Religions

1 weekly class in HBL (healthy and balanced living)

Additional Optional Classes and Clubs

Instrument classes (Piano, Guitar, Tabla, etc.)



Entrepreneur/Business classes

Baking/Cooking Class

Woodworking Class

Sewing Class

Others (options vary from year to year)


It is the intention of DEVI Staff to communicate regularly with parents, sharing with them the school's performance indicators and how they are being met by each student across all subjects. In addition, mid-semester and end-of-semester reports will be prepared and shared.

Teaching Resources

We are working on a programme to incorporate the great expertise found in the Sahaja Yoga community around the world, for the benefit of the DEVI School students' education. Using video calls and other Internet technologies, we can bring a wide range of skills and experience into the classroom.

Students will also have access to some of the remarkable educational tools available online, such as: