School Philosophy

Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is an essential practice at the DEVI school for both staff and students, not only for its numerous evidence-based benefits to both mind and body, but also as a key to achieving a deep understanding of academic disciplines and developing an innovative and creative mindset.

Core Principles

A core goal of the DEVI School is to encourage the development of empathy and compassion of not only the students but everyone involved in the school through an overarching attitude of love and respect.

Other key principles of the DEVI school approach include:

  • Fostering each student's aptitude and interests
  • Progress based on demonstrated mastery
  • A strong emphasis on balance in school activities (between active and passive, academic and artistic, etc.)
  • A collaborative teaching model
  • A strong focus on projects that integrate multiple subject areas and/or grade levels
  • The promotion and celebration of the beauty inherent in all cultures, faiths, and languages
  • Development of opportunities for integration with the local community