Progress & Improvement

We are living in a remarkable time of progress and innovation in the field of education. The world is waking up to the realisation that the school system established as the norm across the world was designed for a time long gone. At best, such a system is a tremendous missed opportunity, at worst, it is hopelessly irrelevant for a world where careers are changing beyond recognition.

For the first year of the DEVI School our attention is taken up with the great task of getting up and running. This is not the time to re-invent the wheel, but to build a solid foundation based on traditional and well understood teaching methods. Once we get into our stride however, taking a deep look at how our students learn will become an area of great importance.

We will learn from other innovative schools, leading thinkers, educational research, and, perhaps most importantly, our own experiences with the students of the DEVI School. We will endeavor to bring the best of the new to the DEVI School, whilst not forgetting that the greatest truths about learning are eternal, and traditional approaches do not become wrong just because they are old.