Kitchen Staff

Please first read our notes to all applicants

Kitchen tasks include:

  • Creation, maintenance and adaptation of a balanced menu
  • Overall management of kitchen and cooking staff
  • Maintenance of kitchen and equipment, and their overall cleanliness

Administrative tasks outside the kitchen:

  • Inventory maintenance of food, with JIT inventory control
  • Food sourcing from different suppliers (placing orders, comparing prices and offers and quality of products)
  • Managing the budget with accurate records

Expected skills:

  • Some experience in catering for large events and gatherings
  • Familiarity with the Rational Self-Cooking Centre oven and how to use and program with meals and menus (training provided)
  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • Comfortable in using kitchen equipment with ease and speed
  • Diplomacy and humility in communication towards all
  • A good understanding of a healthy and balanced diet
  • Work well in potentially high-pressure environments
How to Apply