Notes For All Applicants

Hiring Process

Following the principles laid out in our Mission Statement, none of the positions in the school are fixed until we have been through an open hiring process.

We want to be clear and transparent that some members of the governing society are also applying for positions in the school. This is important to us—our experience in Sahaj schools has shown us that governance is best in the hands of people who are fully immersed in life at the school. This does not, however, mean these appointments are a foregone conclusion. We will do our best to find the best person for every position, and all appointments will be made on merit.


As a non-profit institution, DEVI School satisfies its staffing needs primarily through volunteers or the hire of charitable foreign workers. Remuneration to foreign charitable workers is limited to a monthly stipend plus room and board. The initial stipend for new staff at DEVI School is generally $500.00 (entire month worked).

Room and Board

All DEVI School staff and volunteers will be offered full room and board. Meals will be served in the school cafeteria, and accommodation will be provided either in the school building or in other properties owned or rented by the school. Staff not wishing to live in school accommodation are of course free to make their own arrangements in the local area. In such situations there will not be a cash alternative to school-provided accommodation.

Requirements for All Applicants

Applicants to any position at the DEVI School should of course have a love of working with children and will be expected to foster good relationships with the students. It's such an enormous blessing to live and work with these children every day. But it's certainly not easy, and, life in rural Nova Scotia requires strength, fortitude and energy.

Teamwork is vital to the success of the school, but even more than this, the entire staff and student body should feel part of one big family. The successful applicant should come with an open heart, a humble attitude, and willingness to blend into the Devi School family.

ALL applicants must supply a criminal record check from their home country once hired. Also, while a driver's license is not required, the possession of one would be of help to the other school staff who drive as driving (for shopping, errands, etc.) is a frequent and essential activity. Finally, the minimum age to apply for a job is twenty-one.

The teaching of Sahaja Yoga meditation is woven into all aspects of education and life at the Devi School. All members of staff will be expected to impart their knowledge of Sahaja Yoga to the students, and from time to time to lead guided meditations. For this reason, for every role in the school we prefer applicants who not only have a deep and well-established understanding of Sahaja Yoga, but who also are well-balanced, or who at least are committed to work on themselves regularly

Staff are expected to be on site in advance of school opening. Please see Information for Parents for more information about semester and holiday dates.