Please first read our notes to all applicants

The DEVI School is currently accepting applications for Teachers. Our student body configuration for next academic year is not yet 100% set, and our teaching needs are based on student needs. So at this time we are accepting applications for ALL subjects, from Grades/Classes 6 through 11 (Middle/Junior High School to High School levels).

Specifically we are looking for Teachers of English, Social Studies, Math and Science. We are seeking applications from yogis/yoginis who can teach a combination of courses. These may include History, Geography, Health, Physical Education, Dance, Arts and Crafts, Environmental Studies, and Home Economics/Cooking. We are looking for applicants who are multi-talented and flexible! Class sizes are small and the students are very bright. They need to be challenged in and out of the classroom.

It is essential that applicants have some kind of teaching experience, or at the very least, experience working with older children and teens. This can be a challenging age group, but also a fascinating and very rewarding one. A teaching degree is not required, but experience living/working in a collective Sahaj environment is.

How to Apply