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Dorm Staff

Please first read our notes to all applicants

The position of Dorm Auntie or Uncle is a very special one at the DEVI School. These are the loving yuva shakti or older adults who are with the children before and after school hours and on weekends. These yogis and yoginis are really the heart of the school, as they essentially 'stand in' for the students' parents while they are here with us. They are the live-in caregivers of all the students, which will number about 50 for the upcoming school year, ranging in age from 10 to 18. Applicants therefore must be energetic, and without health issues! Dorm Staff must have a love of tweens and teens, be very nurturing, other-centred and patient by nature, have a good sense of humour and be generous with their time, attention and love. Although our students are lovely budding yogis and yoginis, they still face most of the same challenges as children their age, so they require stable, kind-hearted and joyful adults surrounding them to help and support them. Dorm staff serve as very real, very immediate examples of people who have firmly decided that the Sahaj way of life is for them.

Dorm staff duties include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Overall vibrational care of the children, occasionally leading treatment sessions and meditations
  • Ensuring routines of the dorm are followed, including chores, personal hygiene and general tidiness
  • Ensuring homework gets done, and accompanying students on various excursions and outings
  • Communicating frequently with the Dorm-in-Charge and/or the Principal, as needed, about the growth of the children
  • Basic health care, vibrational clearing, emotional support
  • Light housecleaning and kitchen duties, including dishwashing
  • Laundry help/support for the students

Dorm staff have one day and night off a week, and live with the students themselves. Applicants must have a love of collective life!

How to Apply